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Classes begin

March 31, 2016!


This life-changing class taught by Dave Ramsey and the FPU teaching team on video and facilitated by Fred and Nancy Meinberg at Prince of Glory Lutheran Church will help you achieve your financial goals by showing you how to eliminate debt, save for the future, and give like never before. You will be challenged and motivated to make a plan for your money and change your family tree forever.


Classes meet on Thursdays at 6:00pm for 9 weeks starting March 31 through May 26. Classes will be held at Prince of Glory. For more information, contact Fred and Nancy Meinberg at (248) 330-8884.

Dave Ramsey's

FPU Class Preview

A Message from Your FPU Class Leaders


Pastor Bob asked us to write a little blurb on why we do what we do by facilitating Financial Peace University. That's easy... it's what God is calling us to do. We want to help others learn how to get out of debt and live and give like no one else.


It's so encouraging to hear people share their stories as they move through the baby steps to financial peace! Dave's weekly lessons are sure to keep you engaged as well as entertained. We never get tired of hearing his lessons.


We took FPU twice. The first time we took it we were hooked. We started applying what we learned and saw immediate results. The second time we took it kept us motivated to keep moving through our Baby Steps. We knew this was something that had to be shared. It's life changing!


We are privileged to bring this information to Prince of Glory. We hope to see you in our next Session starting March 31st.


If you have any questions about registration or anything else, feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!


Fred & Nancy Meinberg

(248) 330-8884



Hear from Past FPU Participants at POG


"Financial Peace University. Wow! We were amazed by the FPU classes. It opened our eyes to live like no one else and to become debt free. The baby steps help us stay focused along our journey to being debt free. Once we saw everything on paper it really shocked us just how much debt we have. But once you start making a dent, you will not want to stop. Celebrate your wins. Throughout each DVD lesson there was humor, real life stories, scripture, and education. We recommend this class to everyone. At first we were unsure if this was the right class to take, now we know that it was the best class. Who wants to have debt? Not us."

- Amy and Ray



"FPU was a fantastic experience. I came from a former 20+ years background in banking and wasn't sure I would learn anything new. Was I ever wrong!


Fred and Nancy were the perfect hosts to this program, with personal knowledge to share and were able to keep things light and fun without straying from topic. I looked forward to each and every class!


I learned a lot from this experience and the take away is something that is really helping me through some difficult financial times. The money you spend is worth every cent because you can take the class over and over again at no additional cost. I can't say enough positive things about the program, and I made some really wonderful friends in the process that are like minded and focused in Christ. To me, that is priceless."

- Michelle

When registering, check "I already have membership materials." We will have sets of materials available at the first class.

- Fred & Nancy


The cost of this course is $85 and includes all materials. Partial scholarships are available. Email Pastor Bob at for scholarship details. Make checks payable to Prince of Glory Lutheran Church

Course Topics
  • Lesson 1 - Super Saving

  • Lesson 2 – Relating with Money

  • Lesson 3 – Cash Flow Planning

  • Lesson 4 – Dumping Debt

  • Lesson 5 – Buyer Beware

  • Lesson 6 – The Role of Insurance

  • Lesson 7 – Retirement/College Planning

  • Lesson 8 – Real Estate & Mortgages

  • Lesson 9 – The Great Misunderstanding


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